Tools strike by workers at the HMSI Manesar plant to protest the dismissal of hired employees

New Delhi, November 5 () Around 2,500 workers hired at the Honda Motorcycle&Scooter India (HMSI) Manesar plant on Tuesday saw a tool strike against the dismissal of some 400 workers hired at the facility, the workers' union said.

The leaders of the HMSI Employee Union claimed that the company has reduced the production of the facility by 50 percent and is in the process of reducing more contract workers.

The confrontation began Tuesday morning with the administration of the company that did not allow some of the hired workers to enter the plant, said the president of the HMSI Employee Union, Suresh Gaur.

Today, about 400 contract workers have been laid off. They were prevented from entering the factory facilities. This led to a tool strike by workers who were already inside the plant, he said.

The hired workers who have been laid off have been sitting in protest outside the doors since morning, Gaur said, adding that the administration's immediate plan is to lay off a total of about 650 workers hired at the plant.

According to Gaur, the Manesar facility has 1,900 permanent workers and 2,500 hired workers.

An email sent to HMSI regarding the problem was left unanswered.

Gaur claimed that the company is firing contract workers from the Manesar plant only in the name of the slowdown in the industry by reducing production in the unit by 50 percent, while the same practice has not been followed in the others. company plants.

Other company plants continue to produce normally, they are only cutting production here, which affects the work, Gaur said.

The company is also not providing complete and final emoluments to the workers, he claimed. The HMSI Manesar plant has a total capacity of around 3,000 two-wheelers a day and launches popular models such as the Dio and Activa scooters and the Unicorn motorcycle. MSS RKL HRS