Nitish Kumar opens the first Khadi shopping center in India in Patna

PATNA: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar On Tuesday, it opened in the state capital by cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

The four-story shopping center, located in the country, is located on the east side of the historic Gandhi Maidan, near the Udyog Bhavan of the state government.

Shortly after entering the mall, the CM made a garland of the life-size statue of Mahatma Gandhi located on the ground floor. He also paid his respect for the Father of the Nation.

Accompanied by the minister of state industries, Shyam Rajak, and the secretary of industries, Narmdeshwar Lal, the CM visited different counters of the mall on the floor, first and second floor and inspected the quality of certain khadi garments, handicraft items and paintings by Madhubani. He also asked about certain food products and products from the village industries that were put up for sale.

“At a counter, the CM inspected the quality of the famous ar Katiya-to-Katiya’ silk, woven in the Bhagalpur region of Bihar. I was very impressed with the quality of our appraisal silk, ”Braj Nandan Prasad, executive director of the Khadi Industries and Village Village Board of Bihar State, told TOI.

While the CM moved from one counter to another, the minister of industries asked him to provide his measure for a bandi (jacket). To which, the CM agreed and a tailor was asked at another counter to take his bandi measure.

“I just casually asked the CM to measure a bandi and he agreed. So we took his measure, ”Rajak told TOI.

“I feel that this Khadi shopping center is very useful for ordinary people and will soon become popular. I saw several articles here and gave some suggestions to the officers. Several everyday items are also available here. In addition to machine-sewn clothing, there are several types of crafts available here. Its quality is also good. This mall has its own uniqueness, ”Nitish told reporters shortly after visiting entire areas in the mall.

Nitish thanked his industry minister even more and said: Shyam Rajak and his department have done a commendable job.

Several items in the mall have been prepared taking into account people's demands and I hope people like and buy them, the CM said.

Prasad said the mall saw a lot of footsteps on its opening day. Shortly after the inauguration, a large number of people went to the mall and bought different items.