How Ayodhya's case developed over the years: a timeline

NEW DELHI: At the conclusion of the hearing in the case of Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid land dispute on October 16, the President of the Supreme Court of India is expected to issue the verdict before his retirement on November 17.

The trial court began the day-to-day proceedings on August 6 of this year after noting that the mediation procedures to resolve the dispute have failed.

Here is a look at some important developments in the case over the years:

1528: The Mughal emperor Babar built a mosque on the site, which the Hindus claim to be the birthplace of Lord Ram and where a temple left before.

1853-1949: Community violence on the site; The British give the inner courtyard for, the outer courtyard for the Hindus.

1949: Lord Ram's idol emerges inside the mosque, Muslims protest; The government proclaims the premises as a disputed area, closes the doors.

1950: Two lawsuits filed in the civil court of Faizabad for the rights to carry out pooja of Ram Lalla and keep the idols in the structure; presents the third trial in 1959.

1961: UP Sunni Central Wakf Board files a lawsuit demanding ownership of the site and the removal of idols.

1986: The district judge orders the locks to be removed and the site opened for the faithful.

December 6, 1992: Babri Masjid demolished by kar sevaks; Hindu-Muslim violence leaves more than 2,000 people dead.

2001: A special judge withdraws the charge against 13 defendants, including L K Advani and Kalyan Singh.

2002: Train with Hindu activists on fire in Godhra, killing 58 people; Riots occur that leave more than 2,000 dead.

2010: Grants 2/3 of the site to Hindu parties and 1/3 of the Waqf Board.

2011: The Supreme Court maintains Allahabad HC's verdict on the Ayodhya dispute.

2017: The SC requests an out-of-court settlement; restores the charge of criminal conspiracy against the main leaders of BJP.

2018: The trial court refuses to refer to a bank for reconsideration of the observations in the 1994 trial that the mosque was not an integral part of Islam.

March 8, 2019: The SC remits the Ayodhya land dispute case for mediation, requests the panel to complete the proceedings within 8 weeks.

August 1, 2019: The mediation panel presents its report to the superior court.

August 2nd The SC says that the mediation panel cannot find a solution.

6th August The higher court begins the daily hearing of the case.

October 16: After the 40-day marathon daily hearing, the SC concludes the hearing in the case.