Pollution of Delhi-NCR: SC records a new case on its own, listening on Wednesday

NEW DELHI: As the levels remain alarming in the national capital and adjacent areas, the Supreme Court on Tuesday registered a new case on the issue and will address the matter on Wednesday.

A special bank of Judges Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta will hear the suo motu case entitled 'Alarming increase in air pollution in Delhi and adjacent areas, to listen along with pending issues on pollution.

Air quality in Delhi-NCR continued to oscillate between the severe and very poor category.

On another issue related to pollution, the high court on Monday described as severe the severe air pollution in Delhi-NCR and banned all construction and demolition activities, along with burning garbage and waste, in the region.

The higher court had observed that people could not be allowed to die due to the situation worse than the emergency and said that those who carry out construction and demolition activities, despite their order, Rs 1 lakh would be fined .

He added that a fine of Rs 5,000 would be imposed if someone were found burning garbage and waste in the region.

The superior court said that in case of any violation, the local administration and the zone officials would be responsible.

He said that the prevailing situation in the area was a flagrant and serious violation of the right to life of an individual and scientific data suggests that the lives of people living in the region have been reduced due to this.

The higher court said that the authorities could not afford to spend the money and that they should collectively try to address the situation.

He asked the government of Delhi and civic agencies to develop a plan to ensure the disposal of waste thrown into open spaces and develop a plan to address the problem.

With regard to pollution due to dust accumulated on the roads, the higher court had said that water would be sprayed on sections that were prone to dust.

He indicated that a traffic plan be prepared so that there is no load on a particular road and the problem of pollution due to traffic congestion can be addressed.

He asked interested traffic authorities to take immediate action in this regard.

The higher court requested the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) ordered by the court to hold a meeting on November 4 and make a decision on whether he contributed to the pollution levels of Delhi-NCR, could be closed during this period.

He had also asked EPCA to make a call regarding the ban on the entry of diesel-powered trucks, except those that transport essential products, in Delhi.

The higher court approved other instructions to contain the contamination, saying that short-term steps were needed to verify the emerging situation.