Dia Mirza leads the conversation about pollution problems in Delhi

As he did with single-use plastic, Aarey and many other environmental problems that the country has faced, actress Mirza day , it is often crossed by a cleaner and greener country. The actress and producer, who is a goodwill ambassador for the UN, has often expressed concern over several issues, including the initiative to save snow leopards.

Not surprisingly, the current air pollution problems in Delhi led the star to ceaselessly tweet her anguish and urge the authorities to think about her decisions. When BCCI stood firm as host of the T20 India-Bangladesh tie in the middle of a thick smog of polluted air, Dia called him.

The green agent also granted credit where appropriate and thanked the government of Delhi, in doing so, pressured Delhites to put his anxieties into action.

Dia has been a torchbearer for various environmental causes and has been firm in the ban on disposable plastic and, as a defender of the Sustainable Development Goals, also campaigned with the United Nations in the lines of #BeatPlasticPollution. Dia also works with several organizations that work to reactivate and strengthen ties between man and nature.