Do you want to dedicate yourself to interior design? Here are 5 things to know before making the decision

Interior design is one of the most attractive career options today and with the type of growth that this industry is growing it definitely makes this career an aspiring career. The rapid urbanization and the emergence of cosmopolitan culture are leading to an improved lifestyle that is luxurious and comfortable. This gradual change in lifestyle is definitely a blessing to India's interior design industry, which is growing at 8 percent (CAGR) and is expected to reach US $ 1,138 million by 2021.

The industry, known for plush and opulence, offers brilliant professional opportunities in design, decoration and style to people with relevant knowledge and skills, but before making the decision, take a look at these tips that will show you a brief picture. of industry and competition within, and help you decide and prepare better.

Practice your math

If you think the profession is about choosing luxurious decoration accents and fluid curtains, here is a reality test. Designing interiors is no joke. You need to perform extensive calculations and, therefore, you must be a professional in mathematics.

Make sure you have the ability

The industry is always open to talent, which has the ability to create elegant, timeless and highly functional spaces. The role of an interior designer is to add aesthetic values ​​to homes, offices and other commercial spaces with thematic interior solutions after understanding the needs and budget of the client. It must be efficient in utilizing the maximum available space, but in an elegant and clean way. In addition, one must have substantial knowledge of the materials and sources of acquisition.

Need for a professional degree

A professional degree or diploma in interior design from a renowned institute is a must. But, as the industry is becoming professional every day, a degree in architectural design or fine arts offers highly rewarding career opportunities for applicants in India and abroad.

Consider an internship

An internship gives you a fair idea of ​​what your professional life will be like. Any experience is a good experience and teaches you a lot about the real image of the profession. Take an internship to find out if you are ready to jump to the group of this race.

It's not about blowing the budget

If you intend to become an interior designer, be assured that you will not be hired to spend money on luxury interior design, in fact, you will be paid to work on a budget and design the most prominent interiors. If you are ready for this challenge, get ready and start.

With contributions from the interior stylist. Bhawana Bhatnagar