Dengue cases cross 1000 marks, more than 230 new cases in 1 week

NEW DELHI: Dengue cases have skyrocketed in the national capital in the last week, bringing the total number of people affected by vector-borne disease this year in the city to more than 1,000, according to civic authorities. According to the report published on Monday, the number of malaria The cases registered until November 2 also increased to 617, he said.

As of October 26, the city had registered 833 cases of dengue. With 236 new cases added in a week, the total is currently 1,069, civic authorities said.

Of the total dengue cases, October saw 787, the highest in any month so far his year while in the same month 249 malaria cases were also recorded, according to the report.

In addition, 551 cases of dengue were recorded in October, 190 in September, 52 in August, 18 in July, 11 in June and the rest was recorded between January and May, according to (SDMC), which tabulates data on disease vectors in the city.

Fifty-six malaria cases were recorded in August, 54 in July, 35 in June, eight in May and one in April, it said.

The Minister of Health of Delhi, Satyendar Jain, said last week that the national capital had registered the lowest number of dengue cases this year, compared to the last five years, and asked Delhi residents to continue collective efforts until next month.

The latest figures show that as of October 26 there have been 833 cases of dengue in Delhi this year so far, and there have been no victims. This is the lowest figure for Delhi in the last five years, he said.

The minister said that Delhi is on track to overcome dengue this year and called on people to continue working on preventive measures and raise awareness.

According to the report, at least 143 cases have also been reported this year.

Last year, 2,798 dengue cases and four deaths were recorded by the SDMC. It had also reported 473 cases of malaria and 165 cases of chikungunya.

Both the Delhi government and local agencies have been making efforts to raise awareness about precautions to ensure that larvae do not reproduce.

The AAP government has started a campaign against dengue '10Hafte, 10Baje, 10Minute' urging people to inspect their home for standing water.

The campaign, from September 1 to November 15, to combat dengue has gained the support of several personalities, including cricket legend Kapil Dev, many Bollywood actors and well-known journalists.

Dengue mosquito larvae breed in clear, standing water, while those of malaria thrive even in dirty water.

Doctors have advised people to take precautions and make sure there are no young mosquito larvae around them. They have urged people to wear long sleeves and use mosquito nets.

Water coolers should dry when not in use, since mosquitoes carry dengue virus They usually reproduce there, a doctor said.

Cases of vector-borne diseases are generally reported between July and November, but the period can be extended until mid-December.

Meanwhile, mosquito breeding has been reported in at least 1.69,021 households and 1.34,328 legal notices have been issued this year.

From public schools to government offices, several institutions have been penalized by civic authorities in northern Delhi in the last five months for breeding mosquito larvae at their facilities, authorities said earlier.