Ayodhya verdict: VHP orders its members not to take out processions or raise slogans

AGRA: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has ordered its workers throughout the country not to carry out processions or give any reaction in this regard, regardless of the sentence.

VHP senior leaders have been asked to instruct their workers to spread the message throughout the country by organizing meetings at the regional level. The bearers of the VHP office in the region have been ordered to restrict celebrations to their homes and temples only, if the ruling favors the Ram Temple. In case it is against, then, they have been ordered not to react or generate provocative slogans to give others the opportunity to vitiate the atmosphere.

Confirming this, VHP's international joint general secretary, SK Jain, said the purpose of the exercise is to maintain communal harmony in the country. We must all ensure that no incident occurs that could create fissures between the two communities, Jain said, adding that everyone should accept the decision with total humility and honor.

The vice president of the Braj region organization, Sunil Parashar, said they have also been ordered to maintain control over people, who could create violence by wearing bhagwa clothes or carrying flags, to defame the government. He said that, during the meeting, the main leaders ordered all local office holders to inform the administration, if any malicious activity was noticed in their respective cities.

Previously, a similar exercise was performed by Muslim clerics in various districts of. They have called on community members to maintain peace and harmony regardless of the outcome of the trial.

Even the vice chancellor of the Muslim University of Aligarh, Professor Tariq Mansoor and the teachers' association have appealed to all sections of society to not give any statements or deliver rumors related to the verdict. They have also called on society not to hold or resent Ayodhya's verdict, as it could damage the feelings of any of the communities involved in the dispute.