Ayushmann Khurrana: I always want to work on innovative issues

The Monday in the afternoon Ayushmann Khurrana He was seen walking through the Chet Singh Ghat in Varanasi. The actor was there to promote his next movie ' Bullet ' , and his outfit, a multicolored sports outfit, combined with his relaxed mood. In addition to participating in the Ganges bid and watching the aarti , the actor also participated in an impromptu session with some colleagues from the city in Fort Chet Singh. Not only this, he also spent time with students of fine arts in the city, who outlined his appearance from his next film.n After a short walk, the actor tackled a beautiful terrace. low (boat) to participate in the Ganges aarti in the Dashashwamedh Ghat. Although it's been almost a month since I've been in Varanasi, this is my first boat trip and I must say it's beautiful, the actor shared, soaking up the beauty of the ghats.

 Ayushmann Khurrana at the Chet Singh Ghat Ayushmann Khurrana at the Chet Singh Ghat

While the actor participated in the Ganges bid , which took about 20 minutes, once aarti began, he preferred the comfort of the low to witness it “It is so overwhelming to be part of such a spiritual experience. I remember it before my movie 'Dream girl' released, I was in Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai and now, as 'Bullet 'He's ready to launch, I'm in Varanasi, Ayushmann told us, and added: While I do the Ganges bid , I just expressed my gratitude to the universe. I am lucky to work with great people and I have the opportunity to demonstrate my talent and show my abilities when there is a lot of talent everywhere. I came to Mumbai chasing my dreams of making it big and now that this is happening, it is an overwhelming feeling. ”

The actor said he had always aspired to make movies based on the content. “It was a conscious decision. I wanted to do something to create a space for me in the industry. It makes no sense to do routine things. I always wanted to dig up issues that are ready to use, issues that are not openly discussed in society, and then take them to the drawing room discussions, ”he said.

Ayushmann  participating in  the Ganga  bid Ayushmann participating in the Ganga bid

In addition to acting, music is an important part of Ayushmann's life. He said: “Music has not gone to the background, I have always tried to sing a song for my movie. And if it's not a song that's in the movie, at least I try to sing my own version of a song. Even in ' Bullet ' , I have sung a version of my romantic song. Yes, my concerts and concerts have been left behind. I miss that. Every year, I went on tour with my band, but this year I couldn't, since I was shooting four or five films in a row. I will take a break for two months after I finish filming for ' Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan ' , and during that time, I will probably do some concerts, ”he told us.

The actor, who has stayed most of the year in Uttar Pradesh , filming for films, he shared: “It is an enriching experience to film in UP. Being part of Hindi cinema, you can learn about different Hindi dialects. Each city has its own flavor. And every 10 km, the dialect changes. Principal is hum ho jata hai - The changes you see are very beautiful. In addition, it is very easy to shoot UP when you get subsidy and even people are cooperatives. Especially in Lucknow, the crowd is really civilized. The state is also beautiful.

 A group of fine art students from  Hindu University of Banaras  sketched Ayushmann’s bald look from  Bullet A group of fine art students from Hindu University of Banaras sketched Ayushmann's bald look Bullet

As the conversation moved to ' Bullet ' , which was also shot in UP, Ayushmann said it is a film that focuses on human complexes. “Personally, I had a complex to be a skinny child. When he came from Punjab, surrounded by very wide and tall men, he was aware of being thin. I was part of the cricket team and wanted to be a fast bowler, but my coach used to say that you are too thin to be a fast bowler, Ayushmann said.

When asked about his brother, actor Aparshakti, Ayushmann said they are like friends. We don't talk only about movies, our discussions go beyond that. Previously, we had a very formal relationship between older brother and younger brother, but over the years, we have become friends. When he chooses scripts, he argues with me and, similarly, I do the same with him, ”Ayushmann said.