Chandrayaan-2's successful mission generated curiosity among young people: PM Modi

KOLKATA: praising the achievements of the country's scientists, prime minister Narendra Modi On Tuesday he said it was a successful mission and that he had generated curiosity about science among young people.

Noting that no country in the world would progress without science and technology, Modi said that science is not like preparing instant noodles and that people should not expect immediate results from scientific research.

He insisted that scientific discoveries might not be of immediate help to the current generation, but they could be beneficial in the future.

Our scientists worked hard on Chandrayaan-2 (mission to the moon). Everything did not go as planned, but the mission was successful. If you look at the broader perspective, you will see that it is a great feat on the list of Indian scientists achievements, Modi said by addressing the International Science Festival of India in Kolkata through videoconferencing.

Communications with the Chandrayaan-2 Vikram landing module to the ground station were lost just before its soft landing at the lunar south pole hitherto unexplored in the early hours of September 7.

If the landing module had achieved the historic landing, the country could have joined the United States, Russia and China in a soft landing on the lunar surface.

The prime minister said the Chandrayaan-2 mission had generated curiosity among young and old alike.

Scientific research cannot be like preparing noodles or buying instant pizza, it requires patience and the result of such research can provide a long-term solution for people, Modi said.

There is no failure in science and there are only efforts, experiments and success, he said.

If you continue to take these things into account, you would not face any problem in the way of science or your life, said the prime minister.

It was previously believed that necessity was the mother of the invention, and now the invention itself has extended the limits of needs, he said.

Asking researchers to think about long-term benefits and solutions while conducting experiments, he asked them to take into account international norms and standards.

Interest in science must be channeled into the scientific temperament. It is our responsibility to channel this curiosity and give them a platform. We have to carry scientific and technological research along with human values. Our country has delivered several important scientists to the world, he added.

It seems that scientific research has created a new wave of curiosity and motivation among young students, Modi said and added that he is glad that the scientific temperament is at a different level in the country now.