SC summons the chief secretary of Delhi and says that there can be no large-scale exodus due to pollution

NEW DELHI: He has summoned the chief secretary of Delhi, saying that there cannot be a large-scale exodus due to scientific data indicating that people's lives are being reduced due to severe pollution in the region.

The supreme court, which also convened the chief secretaries of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on November 6, said that every year a spicy situation of severe pollution in the region emerges over a substantial period and the government of Delhi, civic agencies and other state governments. Those interested are not fulfilling their duties as directed.

This is a flagrant and serious violation of the right to life of the considerable population for all these actions and the scientific data that have been indicated indicate that people's lives are being reduced by this type of pollution that is being created and that the People are advised not to return to Delhi or leave Delhi due to the severe pollution condition that has been created, said a bank made up of judges and Deepak Gupta.

The bank described the situation as a shocking situation and said: There can be no large-scale exodus. People also have to do their duty in Delhi and you cannot evacuate the city of Delhi as the capital city.

The bank expressed its anguish that the authorities have violated with impunity the instructions approved by the superior court and the superior courts in matters of contamination.

The time has come when we have to fix responsibility for this kind of situation that has arisen and is destroying the right to life itself in serious violation of Article 21 of the Constitution of India, the bank said.

He directed the state governments of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to stop burning stubble in their areas.

We address the chief secretaries of the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh who are present at this court on November 6, including the chief secretary of the NCT Government of Delhi, the bank said in its order.

While passing a series of instructions to curb pollution, he ordered the Center, interested state governments and the government of Delhi to take immediate measures to address the emerging situation due to air pollution.