Rajasthan: Dholpur police deliver helmets to those who travel without one

NEW DELHI: Traffic police in the small town of in have launched an innovative campaign for people to use and change their behavior. All those caught driving without a helmet receive a police helmet so they can use it and get home safely.

But they should return it to the police station closest to their home to make sure there are enough helmets available with law enforcement agencies to deliver to other unsafe drivers.

But before obtaining a helmet, the offender must perform a strenuous exercise. You are asked to fill out a form giving reasons why you did not wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeled vehicle and you also have to commit to always wearing a helmet for your safety. “A photo of your proof of identity is saved to ensure that the person returns the helmet after arriving home. In some cases, people are returning helmets after 2-3 days. But there has been a positive impact, ”said Dr. P C Pathak, a Rajasthan police medical officer published in Dholpur.

Police superintendent Mridul Kachawa, who heads the campaign in the city, told TOI that the idea behind offering a helmet was to motivate people to wear them for their safety rather than simply imposing a fine. “We have maintained an adequate number of helmets with the traffic police so that there is no shortage. The reasons cited by people for not wearing a helmet will help us understand their risk behavior and plan our future course of action, ”said Kachawa.

He said this initiative can also help improve the image of the police and send a message that the uniformed men were there to take care of the people.

Pathak said the campaign was launched recently after assessing that nearly 60-70% of road deaths in the district involved two-wheel drivers and that almost 8 in 10 of those deaths were due to head injuries. According to city police, the number of road deaths increased from 129 in 2018 to 161 this year until September 31. “We needed to take action before it became a crisis. We will soon expand this initiative to other parts of the district, ”said Pathak.