T-Systems will hire more than 3,500 people in India in the next 2-3 years, expands the center of Pune

New Delhi, November 5 () T-Systems ICT India, a wholly owned subsidiary of T-Systems International (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) said Tuesday that it will hire more than 3,500 people in the next 2-3 years.

The company, which already has about 1,500 people in India in Pune, Gurugram and Bengaluru, has also established a new 4-square-foot lakh facility in Pune with more than 3,000 seats.

India is a very important market for us and we are building our talent group here. We will significantly expand our workforce in India to more than 5,000 people in the next 2-3 years to provide niche services in next-generation digital technologies such as big data, machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence and automation, said the managing director of T -Systems ICT India, Laszlo Posset.

The new establishment in Pune will become a primary delivery center and an innovation center, he added.

The company will also build the center as an innovation center and invest in training its employees to work in the cloud, data analysis and mobile applications to provide high caliber analysis and automation-driven services.

T-Systems India serves global customers in industries such as automotive, energy, health, the public sector, public services, retail and travel, transportation and logistics with end-to-end digital solutions.

These solutions include the safe operation of legacy systems and classic ICT services, transformation to cloud-based services (including infrastructure, platforms and custom software), as well as new business models and innovation projects around data analysis , Internet of things, machine to machine (M2M) communication and industrial Internet. The Gurugram center focuses on the development of products for the Deutsche Telekom group to support the consumer market in areas such as mobile application development. SR SHW SHW