Ritu Chaudhry Seth: my old desire to play a double role is finally fulfilled

TV show ' Nazar 'has been keeping the public on the edge of their seats with their twists and turns. While the creators do not leave stone unturned to fix the drama, the actors have the opportunity to explore various tones in the program. The last one is Ritu Chaudhry Seth, who plays Hard Rajput 's mother in' Nazar '. Besides playing the doting mother, Vedashree Rathod, her twin avatar, Kalashree, has been introduced, too. Ritu couldn't have been happier, as it was her long-standing wish to play a double role.

The actress says, It's like what you seek is seeking you. I wanted to play a double role even before 'Nazar'. A few months back, while discussing something with the creative team, I expressed my desire to play twin characters. then, I had been pestering them (laughs!), but it didn't seem possible at that time. And then one day out of the blue, it happened. Oh God! What a track its turning out to be.

Ask him how challenging it is for an actor to rehearse a double role in a daily soap opera, and Ritu responds: It is difficult to suddenly begin to play a new character, establish it and connect with the audience. What adds to the challenge is the fact that I need to change my appearance at least eight times a day. But my team is so amazing that, instead of being tedious, the process is becoming fun. The character Kalashree, who is Vedashree's twin, is an English-speaking Dayan. It is extremely evil and fun at the same time. As I said before, when I took this program, I was going to play another mother for the hero. But now, it is certainly taking me to places by letting me explore so many different characters.