The best policeman in Delhi booed by his colleagues

NEW DELHI: Protesting Delhi Police on Tuesday the staff booed and booed a senior officer while trying to placate them during his agitation against the assault about some of his colleagues for lawyers in Tis Hazari and judicial complex.

The protest took a new turn as the Association also extended its support to agitated staff.

Members of the association joined the protest at the police headquarters here, where relatives of many Delhi police personnel were also seen stirring.

Rajesh Khurana, Joint Police Commissioner, after having a meeting with the Delhi Police Commissioner, Amulya Patnaik, tried to talk to the agitated police personnel, but a mocking crowd did not allow him to address them.

He managed to pronounce some words as We explained our side to the head of our family, the Commissioner, of the things we face.

He said: We are the ones who enforce the law and we have to continue our work and we must obey the law and order.

Khurana told the cops that most of the time we spend our maximum service time instead of giving our families time. We even work during festivals and spend time in the field.

However, there were loud shouts from the Protestant police as we want justice, which drowned his voice and left.

The protesting police personnel have made five demands to the Commissioner: reinstate the suspended police personnel, compensate the injured police personnel, strict actions against the lawyers, appeal against the order of the Superior Court in the Supreme Court and verify the lawyers who attacked the personnel police

El martes, desde la mañana, cientos de miembros de la policía de Delhi organizaron una protesta sin precedentes contra el assault de sus colegas por parte de abogados en los tribunales de Tis Hazari y Saket el sábado y lunes.

While it has been a measured response by the man who runs the Delhi police force, loud voices of dissent resounded in the ITQ PHQ.

Early in the day, Patnaik assured a fair investigation, calling it a test time for us. But most importantly, he asked them to end the turmoil and join the job.

While the policemen, carrying banners, raised slogans for hours outside the police headquarters at ITO, Patnaik finally came out and told them it was a test moment for us. He urged the cops to do their duty and keep the peace.

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