Make contact with the danger.

There are two main problems that affect the world of contact sports - First, a study of Boston University School of Medicine found evidence of serious brain damage and memory loss due to such sports. Second, sportspersons unknowingly fall prey to the game of consumerism where mega corporations sponsoring leagues are reaping profits but it is the player who puts his/her body and life on the line. How can we break from this 'player as a product' mould? Is it possible to move beyond contact sports for our own sake? Times NIE coaches and teachers debate

There is no denying that there are risks associated with participating in contact sports . Recently, a study published quotes from therapists warning against injuries. Their worries concerned overuse injuries (injuries caused by too much stress on a certain body part). These injuries are so common, they've reached "epidemic levels."

Participating in contact sports puts sportspersons at a high risk of sustaining at least one concussion in their lifetime, according to research by The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017. So, how can we resolve it? "We could avoid boxing and wrestling at the junior school level or make students scientifically aware of the dangers. We need to restructure sport and ensure that rules reflect our scientific knowledge (like minimising impacts to the head). It starts with educating the population as a whole. All sports can contribute to developing good work ethic and discipline. We can't prevent every injury, but there are modifications that can be made to ensure protection, both short and long-term," said Deepak Sharma, a sports chiropractor.


Corporations sponsor national sports leagues such as IPL wave NBA , reaping profits. However, while these corporations are the profit makers, contact sports persons - who make far less by comparison - are made to feel like the real heroes. In the world of such sport, the sportsperson becomes the product, by unknowingly putting his body, and, therefore, life, on the line. Making these sportspersons the product of this industry, without them even realising it, is symbolic of the unethical nature of the world of contact sport.