In a free talk, the girl from 'Kill Karda' Malobika enjoys her 'Pagalpan' moments

It was a few years ago at an awards ceremony ... Subhash Ghai He met a Bengali actress and instantly said: You are a star. You have that spark in you. Come to Bollywood! Anyone guess who that pretty girl is? Well she is Malobika Banerjee aka MJ, who made his debut as a singer with Kill Karda earlier this year and won hearts with his latest single Pagalpan.

The Bengali diva made her acting debut in ‘Sr. Funtoosh 'opposite nothing less than Prosenjit Chatterjee and then added many more Bengali films like Kokhono Biday Bolo Na, Sada Canvas, Kathmundu, Professional, Mr. Bhaduri, Chorabali and Tope in his CV.

In a free talk with ETimes, the beautiful lady who has even acted in some Hindi, Odia and South films also talks about her latest single, her acting career and many more. Here the extracts:

Not only the interpretation, but you also wrote this last single Pagalpan. So how is the experience?

Yes, this is the first time I write a song and it is an amazing experience. In reality, everything, be it shooting, recording, costumes, are total pagalpan . You would understand if you watch the video. We have experimented with many things. I have appeared as an Egyptian queen in this album. It was all funny. We have tried to address many things with a lighter note. We often see our chained pets, but here you can see that I am releasing a cheetah. The answer is quite good. But to be honest, it is a mixed response. Some have appreciated our work, while others did not like the idea. Happens. We are all professionals.


How did you come up with the idea of ​​Pagalpan?

One of my friends came to see me and in a moment she was busy with her mobile. It was funny and I told her ‘Ye tera jo pagalpan hain, mujhko na pagal kar de’. The first line of the song came from this. The situation inspired me. These days we are more comfortable in virtual world than in real life. My song focuses on these aspects.

What are the other experiments?

I did it in a nasal tone as in the old days to make the video more cheerful. It took a month to complete the preproduction. Each of the suits was sketched for the first time. For the lunar sequence, the astronomer's outfit, the military attire, everything. The album has been filmed just like the movies. Everything has been filmed in a Mumbai studio, with no outdoor location. We have used large-scale visual effects.

You have also worked on music videos before ...


Yes, Dilbar was my first music video and then Pretty Girl, which was sung by Kanika Kapur. I also shared the screen with Vijay Devarakonda in a Telugu music video that became immensely popular. After that Kill Karda under the choreography of Ganesh Acharya, I also sang it.

How did you become a singer?

It was a coincidence. Neha Kakkar Kill Karda was supposed to sing. We had already started practicing for the album. I really liked the song and one day the music director said you can also try it. I recorded the song and everyone liked it. Finally, the album kept my version of Kill Karda. That's how it all started.

You recently played Kill Karda on the stage of Film Fare. How was the experience?

It was a great opportunity for me. When Karan Johar introduced me to everyone, I felt that I was somewhere else. Katrina, Ranbir, Alia, Hema Malini were there and appreciated their performance. That is the sweetest moment of recent times for me.

Will you return to Bengali cinema?

I would love to. If there is a good script, a role that I consider appropriate for me, I will be happy to accept the offer. Bengal is my root. It is my comfort zone. Then, I will definitely make Bengali movies. Actually, I'm prepared for a Bollywood project that will see me in front of a popular star. Let's see how things go. I will also continue my career as a singer. Now it has become my passion.

Your debut was opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee. How did it happen?

“They wanted an innocent girl. I gave the audition and I was finished for ‘Mr. Funtoosh in 2008. You would be surprised to know that I never wanted to be an actor. In fact, my younger sister was interested in the world of entertainment. One day she asked me to accompany her to the Miss Kolkata competition. At his insistence, I also participated in the competition. Somehow, I deciphered it and won the title of Miss Kolkata. And it all started since then.

Who is your inspiration?

I admire Jennifer Lopez. His interpretations, fashion statements, the way he behaves, is simply exceptional. I also respect Deepika Padukone. She is a pioneer. He has been working for 16 years and yet retains freshness.