'Panipat' trailer: Ahmad Shah Abdali from Sanjay Dutt compares to Khilji from Ranveer Singh, Internet users give Sanjay approval

Today one of Ashutosh Gowarikar's ambitious projects, 'Panipat' launched its first breakthrough and how. Social networks are full of praise for the cast of stars, while some have started the festival of memes. Supporters of the film fraternity, such as Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar, Vicky Kaushal, Farah Khan and Boney Kapoor, expressed their best wishes for the team and gave their approval to their efforts.

The main cast of the film received special praise from the masses. Arjun Kapoor 's Sadashivrao Bhau , Kriti Sanon 's Parvati Bai and Sanjay Dutt' s Ahmad Shah Abdali received praises from the netizens however, in the midst of all Sanjay Dutt 's character is getting a lot of attention and is being compared with Ranveer singh character Khilji from ' Padmaavat '. Social media users are all in praise for the actor and his efficiency to play an antagonist on screen. While some recalled Sanjay 's villainous character Kancha Cheena from ' Agneepath', some expressed how Sanjay Dutt portray a negative character with ease.

Though Ranveer singh 's Khilji was celebrated to the maximum levels and the actor was critically acclaimed for his portrayal as Khilji , netizens have something else to say this time. Ranveer singh as Khilji might have won the battle with Rajputs, here on social media, he has lost the fight with Sanjay Dutt 's character Ahmad Shah Abdali. Netizens are comparing Khilji to Sanjay 's character and here Sanjay took away the cake.

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Panipat, a film that recreates one of India's greatest battles: the powerful Maratha Empire that faces the Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan. The movie captures the third battle of Panipat.