Koilamma Update, November 4: Sameer decides to rescue Kokila

In the last episode of Koilamma , Lakshmi begs Ashok to help her rescue Kokila. Ashok refuses to help her. When Lakshmi agrees to help Kokila , he forbids him to do it. Lakshmi has an emotional collapse.

to love sits besides Ramesh Chandra, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital and loathes for the latter’s state. He boils with rage against Kokila, who has attempted to murder him.

Indraja Lakshmi and assures to bail out Kokila consoles. She then determines to let Kokila rot in jail.

Sameer asks to love about Kokila ’s whereabouts. Manorama tells to love that Kokila is in prison for attempting to murder Ramesh Chandra. Sameer can’t believe this. Manorama adds that Kokila confessed the crime too. Sameer believes that Kokila must have not done this and decides to bail her out.

He meets her in the police station and asks her to reveal the truth. Kokila refuses to disclose anything. He determines to find out himself. As he is about to meet the advocate, Manorama calls him to the hospital citing a medical emergency. Sameer rushes to the hospital. Manorama determines to not let Sameer help Kokila.

When Upalakshitha meets Kokila in the police station, the latter discloses that she took the blame to save Lakshmi from the case. Upalakshitha reprimands Kokila for her foolish decision and decides to bail her out. Kokila says Sameer is already working on it.