Alokananda Guha to play a modern girl in Keshab

Actress Alokananda Guha You are ready to join the cast of daily Keshab soap. She will play a modern girl, who has returned from the United States. The character has negative nuances and Alokananda enjoys playing a lot. She said: I will play Dushtu, who has returned from the United States. She is a modern girl, who loves to party. Nor does he hesitate to consume alcohol. Dushtu justifies his name in every way possible while creating confusion in the family with his conspiracies.

The actress, who has played negative roles in Joyee and Joy Baba Loknath, loves to play those characters.

She said: “I love playing negative characters. It gives you room to experiment.

Alokananda is a person with a soft voice in real life and has an innocent appearance. In fact, sometimes people ask her how manufacturers cornered her for a negative role. She said: “Sometimes people ask how I got the negative role despite my innocent appearance. I'm glad to have the opportunity to reinvent myself as an actress rehearsing characters with different shades. The actress laughed while sharing.

Alokananda recently took a short break and went to Dooars , North Bengal. His parents and his sister Ananya, who is also an actress, enjoyed the trip. It's hard to match Ananya's shooting schedule with mine. She is currently busy with her web-based project while I have this television show. We could not allow more than 3 days for the trip. But I enjoyed the short trip to the fullest. We were lucky to see deer, bison and other animals.