Update by Ke Apon Ke Por, November 4: Joba cares about Tandra and Sapnamay's next move

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Tandra & Sapnamay have a discussion about Joba . While Tandra fumes in anger as her plan has failed, Sapnamay asks her not to lose hope & teach Joba a lesson instead. Sapnamay asks her to plan accordingly. He suggests conspiring against Joba, due to whom he had to be spend days in prison.

He blames Joba for ruining his career as a doctor. He was sent to jail for his involvement in an organ trafficking racket.

He asks Tandra to enter Param’s place once again to materialize their next plan. Tandra wonders how she can enter Param’s place since they are all aware of her real identity. Sapnamay says he will find out a plan soon.

He also suggests that they aren’t alone. Joba has another enemy, who wants to teach her a lesson. Tandra becomes curious & wonders who that person might be. She insists Sapnamay to reveal the details but the latter denies.

Meanwhile, at home, Joba & other family members are worried after learning that Sapnamay has run away from jail. They realise the probable connection Tandra & Sapnamay . Joba concludes that Sapnamay has helped Tandra to run away when she almost caught her. Param asks her to calm down. Joba , who will soon be appointed as a judge, to concentrate on her mission. Amiya , Param & others praise Joba ’s confidence & request her to be a judge & provide justice to others.