This woman found housefly in her biryani and the food delivery executive offered to add one more.

The interaction with food delivery executives is sometimes so funny that they become viral if they are shared on any social media platform.

Recently, a Twitter post is making rounds made by a woman who ordered Biryani from a food delivery application and found a roasted fly in it. Being disappointed, she wrote: “I obtained the biryani delivered with additional coverage of a dead roasted housefly. I'm getting tired of quality and service, while chatting with the client's executive. Presumably, the one who answered was a bot and replied in error: I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add additional coverage of dead roasted housefly in their biryani.

The conversation sounded so funny that it is becoming viral on social networks.

Zomato is known for its peculiarities and has won the hearts of Internet users in the past for the same reason, but this conversation was a big mistake and the Internet cannot stop trolling it since then.

Some of the trolls are fun and need a special mention:

We assume that the response was sent by a bot and, therefore, could not detect the problem with the topping.

It is known that Zomato sends the most extravagant responses to his trolls, but this time, they had nothing to say.