The first city of Great Britain is located near Stonehenge

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe is the first city in Britain, near an old spring. The city, called Blick Mead, dates from about 10,000 years ago and housed a population of hunter-gatherers.

University researchers believe that the inhabitants of Blick Mead may have built Stonehenge, which is only one mile from the site. Professor Daivd Jacques said: “In Blick Mead we find many things. Until 2006, only 30 findings of this period had been recovered anywhere, and now we have more than 70,000, so it is a game changer. This is more interesting because it gives a longer history, linking back to the people of the. Blick Mead is really the birthplace of Stonehenge.

Researchers believe that hunter-gatherers may have chosen Blick Mead as a site because it was home to many, a species of cattle now extinct. Researchers have found several auroch bones in Stonehenge, suggesting a link between the people of Blick Mead