HC refuses to accept the request to replace ATM cards with safer ones

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday refused to entertain a PIL seeking replacement of ATM cards with supposedly more secure dynamic data authentication (DDA) cards, which say it was a policy decision and that the courts will not interfere with it.

A bank of the President of Supreme Court D N Patel and Judge C Hari Shankar asked the petitioner to withdraw the statement or face the dismissal with costs.

He told the NGO, the Anti-Corruption Council of India, that he can implement the use of DDA cards by starting his own bank or becoming a customer of a bank offering such cards.

The bank said it cannot order all banks in the country to switch to DDA cards just because the requesting NGO believes they are safer.

You start a bank and you do it, he said.

The lawyer Farman Ali Magray, who appeared for the Center, and the RBI lawyer opposed the allegation, saying it was a political decision.

Taking note of the court's opinion, the NGO withdrew its request.

The NGO, in its allegation, had argued that the incorporation of the latest encryption methods, such as DDA cards, could help prevent ATM fraud such as card rubbing or cloning.

According to the petition, the data revealed by RBI in July indicated that ATM fraud In 2018-19 it led victims to lose Rs 4.8 million rupees in Maharashtra and Rs 2.9 million rupees in Delhi.