Reborn Rohit Sharma makes the most of the fresh test opportunity

NEW DELHI: Once promoted as the next big event, Rohit Sharma The test outputs have been reduced by injuries, inconsistency and quality alignment of India, so now that you have another chance to reach your potential, you have no intention of taking your foot off the pedal.

With an aging Sachin Tendulkar Beginning to fade in the Indian cricket sky, teammate Mumbaikar Rohit hit two centuries in his first two Tests in 2013 to raise expectations.

But the mid-order contender then hesitated and his chances at the Test level over the next five years declined, even when his reputation as a white ball shot up.

Rohit had the opportunity to revive his test race in the local series last month against South Africa and the 32-year-old grabbed him with both hands.

Playing his first series of Tests as a starter, Rohit crushed three hits of more than 100, including a double of one hundred, in four innings to finish as the top scorer for a mile.

It was a great series, but while I'm playing, there won't be time for me to relax, he told Reuters in an interview.

I don't want to look back now. I just want to focus on doing well every time I go to play Cricket test and focus on what are the good things I did in this series and get that off.

Rohit's red ball fights have been in stark contrast to his white ball skill.

The right is the only batter with more than 200 scores in one day and broke a five-century record in this year's World Cup even though India fell in the semifinal stage.

The red ball does much more than the white one, explained the talented pitcher.

So you must keep telling yourself that you should concentrate more and be more disciplined in taking pictures.

On a cricket day, once you pass that power play on the field, it spreads. You can take singles and rotate the strike and then the strange limits here and there will come.

"But Cricket test is not like that. There are a lot of catching positions, so you have to be very disciplined."


The 27 ODI centuries of Rohit include 10 'Daddy hundreds' of 140 or more.

I totally believe that when you reach a hundred, you have done such a hard job to get there, so why let it go? Get another 50 or another hundred.

When you're hitting a hundred, the opposition knows you're an established hitter. They are in the rear, thinking: 'Okay, we have to be safe with this guy and try to attack the other.'

That's where you can charge. Once you're ready, there's no way the bowler can take you out, unless it's a peach of a delivery.

Winning the Series Man against South Africa was special, but Rohit knows he must score away from home to erase any lingering doubts about his Test credentials.

One hundred percent, we all know that. But for me, cricket is cricket, whether in India or abroad, he said.

If you don't act in India, how can you do it outside? At home or abroad, it doesn't really matter. Performance is what matters to me.

Rohit will face a new challenge in a two-game series against Bangladesh that includes a day and night test in Calcutta starting November 22.

I've only played a pink ball game in the Duleep Trophy ... We need much more experience with that ball, but it is a good time to play a day and night test.