Chirag Paswan elected president of LJP

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday he was elected president of LJP by the national party executive, the outgoing chief of the party and his father Ram Vilas Paswan said.

The minister and president of the Union, Paswan, said the decision was made at the meeting of the national executive in Delhi.

The LJP, which primarily draws its support from a section of in Bihar, was founded by Ram Vilas Paswan, now 73, in 2000 and the wily leader has steered it through changing political scenarios by joining hands with parties with contrasting ideologies and support groups.

However, the loyalty of his bank of votes to him meant that the LJP had been a coveted partner for all major parties.

Chirag Paswan is the second term member of Lok Sabha and has been the key decision maker in the party for a while.

"Chirag Paswan unanimously elected as LJP president by party's national executive," Ram Vilas Paswan said.