‘Teko‘ Keshto ’song will surely create a cheerful atmosphere

The first song 'Keshto' from the next social satire of Abhimanyu Mukherjee 'Teko' is now available.

We often find ads for products that promise to give us healthy hair, lighter skin, a thin body and many more attractive features. However, in reality, most ads fool us for their own benefit.

This song Keshto speaks for those consumers who are being deceived in this way. Ritam Sen's lyrics are quite relevant and we can easily relate them. It also delivers a meaningful message to appreciate what we have instead of pursuing the unattainable goals. However, the song gives all these messages on a light note without sounding too predicative. Savvy's live composition makes it a fun song. Debdeep Mukhopadhyay's cheerful interpretation also helps create a cheerful atmosphere.

Watch the video song here: Not only audio, but photography is also full of fun. It is also a rare occasion to see Ritwick Chakraborty Lip sync and make fun steps.