The debut as director of Amdavadi Nameplate will be screened at the Kolkata International Film Festival

The writer of origin Ahmedabad and the first Hindu feature film by director Preet Name plate (2019) starring former FTII student Saurabh Saraswat and former NSD student and Allahabad-based actress Vartika Tiwari has been officially selected for the Kolkata International Film Festival in the category: Indian language film competition.

It will premiere on November 10 and will be screened again on November 12 at the 25th edition of the festival that will open on November 8 and will culminate on November 15 with awards announcements for those films that will be screened in the competitive category.

Interestingly, Saurabh, who often comes to Ahmedabad for his work. Shree Aur Blue He has worked with Preet, who has been living in Pune for a decade, for the first 30-minute short film of the latter Gra and that was examined in Cannes and at least another 40 international film festivals. My movie Cat Sticks directed by Ronny Sen on a rainy night in Kolkata, it will also be screened at KIFF on November 9 and 11 in International Competition: innovation in moving images, Saurabh tells Ahmedabad Times.

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Provide details of Name plate , he says, It is a very sweet story of a couple who wants to buy a house and was shot in Pune. When he contacted Preet, who did his studies in Ahmedabad, he said: History is very easy to tell, since it is common man. It describes how a husband and wife who have lived their entire lives in a rented house finally plan to buy a house and invest heavily in their planning, but are in a position to realize at the last moment that the loan has been postponed for two years. .

Preet's debut in the Gujarati movie for which he is in talks with Dhollywood's A-listers says: As would be my first Gujarati commercial movie, we plan to announce and market it properly. The casting of the main actress is done and she is like a family to us, but we cannot reveal more until everything is formalized. Conversations are also underway with a leading Dhollywood actor and the film would be in Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi.

On what it took him so long to make a Gujarati movie, considering that it is his mother tongue, MIT, a former student of Pune, says: “It is difficult to obtain funds when you are an independent filmmaker. However, when I went to Pune, I got a lot of support for a marathi project and my journey began. When giving details about his next Gujarati project, he says: It would be a family drama about how a newly married couple wants to live apart from their parents and the twists and turns.