Update from Lakshmi Baramma, November 4: Lakshmi leaves the house

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , Chandhan prevents Shruthi from waking Lakshmi from sleep. He asks her to leave Lakshmi alone for a while since she is emotionally disturbed.

Meanwhile, Parvathi demands an explanation from Ranjith and Ramu for taking an extreme step. Ranjith defends himself and reports that he would always support Lakshmi. Parvathi tries but fails to make him understand the situation.

On the contrary, Lakshmi does not want to be a barrier between Chandhan and Shruthi. She decides to leave the house. Seizing the opportunity, Kumudha manipulates her to proceed with her decision and Lakshmi finally decides to leave. Before leaving, he gives a letter to Kumudha and asks him to give it to Chandhan.

Kumudha takes advantage of the situation and returns home. She visits Lakshmi's room and crushes the letter given by Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Chandhan and Shruthi fight for their daughters to sleep. Siri demands that they tell a story. But Shruthi and Chandhan don't remember any stories to tell Siri.

Chandhan plots a plan even more. He asks Shruthi to tell Siri a story while he sleeps Adhya. Shruthi agrees. She narrates Lakshmi's life. Siri gets excited and listens to the story.