Director Mike Flanagan: 'Doctor Sleep' is a recovery story

director Mike Flanagan , whose new psychological horror drama Doctor Sleep is ready to launch, has said the film is about recovery while reflecting on the trauma of addiction.

Doctor Sleep is based on Stephen King The novel of the same name of 2013, which is a sequel to the 1977 novel The King's Shining. Doctor Sleep, set several decades after the events of The Shining, combines elements of the 1977 novel and its 1980 film adaptation of the same name, directed by Stanley Kubrick .

I saw 'The Shining' when I was too young to see it, I was about 10, and it changed me. I saw it at a friend's house, against the wishes of my parents, which made it even more scary and fun. I saw the film before I ever read the book, and I was already very much a constant reader - I was collecting and immersing myself in Stephen King 's work. When I saw' The Shining ', it showed me what was possible with a psychological thriller and what tension in a movie could be, Flanagan said.

In high school, when I read 'The Shining', it was very interesting, because the book and the movie were very different. I was surprised how the same characters and the same scenario could create two very different experiences. When I was I announced that I was going to write a sequel, as a fan, I had an overwhelming curiosity, because I didn't know how I was going to try to reconcile the two versions of 'The Shining' that were out there, right? And he did not do it actively. He definitely said: This is a sequel to my book, and nothing more. I loved the book, and what I loved had nothing to do with the Overlook or anything that was transferred from The Shining, 'added the creator of The Haunting Of Hill House.

Flanagan has brought to the world of Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the horror classic The Shining, I live with actor Ewan McGregor in the role of Danny Torrance and Rebecca Ferguson as the main antagonist. Warner Bros. will release the film in India on November 8.

I loved the story of Dan Torrance. I loved that 'The Shining', in my eyes, was a story of addiction and what it can do to a family. But 'Doctor Sleep' was the story of recovery, reflection and time, Looking back at the damage and trauma of addiction decades later, especially through the lens of an addict's son, Dan has to deal with them. Hell, their father, but he's dealing with them completely differently. through the eyes of a writer who has also evolved so much through sobriety

I was fascinated by that, mainly, he said.

Doctor Sleep begins when Torrance takes the trauma of the Overlook Hotel to adulthood. Meet Abra, a teenage girl with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the glitter, and narrates her attempt to protect her from 'Rose the Hat', which feeds on the brightness of the innocents in their quest for immortality.

Flanagan feels that I had not really reached the point of my career in which I would have thought that I was a candidate to adapt a film like that, or maybe even work as a team.

I would say to my friends: 'My God, if they ever make that movie, it could not only be great, but how will they do it?' Reconciling 'Doctor Sleep' the novel with the cinematic legacy of 'The Shining' simply seemed impossible, he said.