Update from Choti Sardarni, November 4: Nirja asks Sarab for custody of Param

The last episode of Choti Sardarni start with Avtar counting Nirja that he is not sure if they should file a case against their son-in-law. Nirja tells him that they will fight the case and even win it.

Avtar asks Nirja that if Param & Sarab will be happy staying away from each other. Nirja says that of course, Param will be happy because they will give him the right upbringing & send him to the best school in London & turn him into a nice human for which even Sarab will thank them.

Avtar says he understands his emotions, but it is better to think somewhere in between as his solution.

Nirja reaches home & tells Sarab that she has to talk to him about something important. She says that in the past 24 hours she has seen a lot going on in this house & says that she will come directly to the point.

She tells everyone that she has come here to ask for Param ’s custody. This shocks everyone. When Harleen tries to interfere, Nirja stops her by saying that it is a matter between her & Sarab .

Sarab gets angry listening to this & asks Nirja that how could she even think of taking Param away from him. Nirja says that Param will go along with them to London & the decision is final. Sarab says that Param will stay with him & he will not let him go anywhere.

Nirja says that it is up to Sarab if he wants to mutually accept this or legally fight for the same in the court.

Meher sees Sarab getting emotional with the thought of Param leaving & makes a promise to herself that she will never let Param away from him.

Meher sees Avtar in the garden. She goes to him & requests him to handle the matter. Avtar asks her to understand Nirja ’s situation & says that she is not wrong in her decision