Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada leaves the entertainment world for leaked private photos

Islamabad, Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada, announced Monday that he decided to leave the entertainment industry, after his private photos leaked online.

Rabi turned to Twitter and wrote: I, Rabi Pirzada, left the world of entertainment. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften people's hearts in my favor.

Last week, Rabi's private videos and photos leaked online and became viral. People even trolled her on social networks.

According to reports, Rabi had filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency , about the leaked content that went viral on social media platforms.

Prior to this, Rabi had made headlines for threatening the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi . He had warned Modi with a suicide attack .

Rabi had published a photo of herself wearing what appeared to be a suicide jacket with a subtitle that warns Prime Minister Modi about Kashmir. #ModiHitler, I just wish huh. #Kashmirkibeti.

Not only this, he even tried to threaten Modi because of Kashmir's problem with snakes and crocodiles. He had uploaded a video in which he was seen holding a snake.

These are all gifts for PM Modi. My friends will feast on you, I had written next to the video.

This did not happen with wildlife authorities. They asked him to pay a fine for the illegal captivity of reptiles.