Why did Ileana D'Cruz want to act in a comedy with John Abraham?

Ileana D’Cruz has been paired with John Abraham in Anees Bazmee’s Pagalpanti . It is his first film with the actor, who had previously offered him films from his producer. When we met the actress recently, and asked her why she had rejected offers in the past, she said: “John offered me movies, but I wanted to make a comedy movie with him before exploring any other genre. It was very fun and cute in Dostana. The movie was so nice to the eye and the senses. I wanted to experience that with him, and fortunately, our first outing together turned out to be a comedy. While working together, I realized that he is like a child. I wanted to review the lines repeatedly before firing. Looking at his enthusiasm, I was also prepared for it. I could understand where it came from. It's great in the serious things he's been doing, but this was something he hadn't explored in a long time, so he didn't want to be wrong. I was very excited. It was one of my best experiences in a film set. He rehearsed the dance movements many times and with great intensity before filming the last song of the film. I don't think we danced so much.

When asked if Ileana caught a glimpse of John's health conscious side during the filming of the film, he said: Yes, John is quite health conscious, but he doesn't look anything like the stories he had heard about him. I was told that he is a fitness fan; He will snatch chocolate from your hands if he ever finds one, and he won't let you have sugar because he doesn't allow it. But none of that happened. In fact, I was relaxed. While filming in London, I often brought many goodies on set for all of us. It didn't bother us to keep it; he would say: I wish I could eat one of them. It contains a lot.