Sembaruthi Update, November 4: Vanaja asks Akhilandeswari to consult a new psychiatrist

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Adithya in quires Parvathy what she wants to speak about Mitra. He asks Parvathy whether she could teach Miter a lesson. Parvathy expresses her disappointment and tells how she told Akhilandeswari about Parvathy 's plan but she got angry at her instead.

Adithya consoles Parvathy . He says, according to his calculations, Akhilandeswari must have started having doubts on Miter . Probably she wants to catch Miter red-handed.

While Vanaja Satisfies Sundaram , he asks about her health condition. Vanaja tries to convince him to conspire against Parvathy.n Vanaja sees Akhilandeswari in a disturbed state of mind and wants to manipulate her. Vanaja pesters Akhilandeswari repeatedly to know the secrets. Finally, Akhilandeswari shares everything. She is taking consultation from psychiatrist Charulatha in this regard. Charulatha also seconds her (Akhilandeswari 's) words.n Vanaja compels Akhilandeswari to consult psychiatrist Keerthana, Charulatha’s friend. Vanaja makes sure that she also accompanies Akhilandeswari to the clinic in order to know the secrets.nIn the clinic, when Vanaja interrupts during the conversation, Dr. Keerthana asks her to leave. Though Akhilandeswari tries hard but fails to recall whether Aditya told him anything. Vanaja provokes her to speak with Aditya.