Young people carry on the popular art of Maharashtra

Maharashtra's Popular art is fading away and the best way to keep them going is to include the young generation shared the participants who recently gathered to learn the dying art form. Teaching and taking ahead, the fading Popular art s of Maharashtra from the city Garware Community Center Together with Shahir Maharshi Aatmaraam Patil Shahirini Manch organized a popular learning workshop for students from Aurangabad. The three-day workshop consisted of learning old popular songs, gaavlan, powadas laavni bharud , jaagran among others. Eminent Popular art istes taught them the various nuances of the art and how the young lot should take the art form ahead by their keen interest.

At the end of the three-day session, the youngsters presented various kinds of Popular art that they learnt. They also got a participation certificate and loads of appreciation from the audience.