Mangala Update Gowri Madve, November 4: Soundarya tries to expose the relationship of Mangala and Rajeev

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve , having acquired evidence about Rajeev and Mangala's relationship, Soundarya decides to expose it in front of the whole family.

She summons family members in the living room and informs them about a video. Rajeev's mother asks Soundarya about the video. But Soundarya reveals nothing. Instead, leave the family members more tense.

On the other hand, Rajeev and Mangala fear being caught by family members. Soundarya walks towards them and indirectly mocks their relationship.

Meanwhile, an anxious Vassu demands an explanation from Soundarya to create tension in the house. Soundarya asks Vassu to wait and decides to expose Rajeev and Mangala's relationship.

She connects the pen drive that contains the video of Rajeev and Mangala hugging and plays it before the whole family. To his horror, fragments of another series are reproduced. This leaves Soundarya perplexed. Then he enters his room and checks his laptop to find the original images of Rajeev and Mangala hugging.

Karna intervenes and informs her role in replacing the video. Soundarya becomes enraged and attacks him. But Karna advises Soundarya to do good for the family.