Sameera Reddy hits the trolls like a boss

Actress Sameera Reddy I recently published a photo of her since her teens to hit the creators of memes. In his post, the Vaaranam Aayiram The actress talked about her struggle to feel beautiful during her teenage years and be accepted as a normal girl. She wrote: “Explosion of my past! For all the creators of memes 🙃! #flasbackfriday #throwback #teenager #imperfectlyperfect #teen #teengirl. Jokes aside I struggled a lot with how they judged me then. So much pressure to look good and feel accepted especially as a teenager! Even now, after two children and a husband who loves me as I am, I have many moments of anxiety and struggle with what I feel for my body. #mujeresparamujeres #suadrenotalone #inthistogether #stopfatshaming #positivebodyimage #letsgetreal. sam Sameera Reddy was body shamed on social media by trolls during her the pregnancy few months ago Then he had hit the trolls like a boss and with this latest publication, he has silenced them again. Not too long ago Shraddha Srinath He had also shared his struggle to feel attractive a few years ago when he was on the heaviest side and how he worked hard to lose weight.