Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 22: Harish Raj becomes the new captain

In the last episode of season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, Raju Talakoti confronts Chandhan and tries to convince him to join his group (Priyanka, Prathap and Bhoomi). Chandhan talks about individuality and shares his point of view about groupalism. At the end of his conversation, Raju gives him some advice on how to survive in the house.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss sends a new publication to Vasuki. According to the publication, Bigg Boss assigns Vasuki an activity asking him to prepare lunch for the housemate with the help of Chandhana's instructions.

Vasuki initially cares but Chandhana encourages him. While the two begin to cook, Vasuki breaks a plate. He quickly manages to get rid of him before inmates can notice him.

However, with great difficulty, Vasuki manages to complete the task with the help of Chandhana's instructions and obtain the appreciation of the housemates.

Later, the housemates decide to joke with Prithvi. Harish imitates the voice of Bigg Boss and orders the RJ to dive into the pool immediately. And other content also asked him to follow the instructions and jump into the pool.

Without realizing the fact that the inmates are making jokes, Prithvi quickly removes the microphone and plunges into the pool.

However, once Prithvi is inside the pool, the housemates inform him that it is a joke.

Later, Bigg Boss announces the task of captaincy. Priyanka, Harish and Chandhan participate in it. The three give a tough fight. At the end of the task, Harish Raj emerges as the new captain of the house.

Bigg Boss also sends a bouquet and gifts to congratulate Harish for being the new captain. Bigg Boss also plays audio of Harish's daughter. Harish gets very emotional and bursts into tears.

At night, Bigg Boss announces the nomination session. Interestingly, unlike the previous sessions, the nomination is carried out openly, where the housemates have to record the photographs of the contestants they wish to nominate.

At the end of the session, Bigg Boss announces Priyanka, Bhoomi, Shine, Raju Talikote, Chandhan Priyanka, Chaithra Kotoor and Deepika as the nominated contestants.