Rakul Preet Singh: Even Rekha ji didn't have a long-term role in 'Muqaddar Ka Sikander'

'Marjaavaan' is his fourth film since his debut in 'Yaariyan' five years ago. What makes you so selective?

I moved to Mumbai after the Miss India contest and landed 'Yaariyan'. Two days after finishing that, I filmed with my first movie in Telugu. 'Yaariyan' took a year to release when I signed three or four other Telugu movies. Being young and naive, I didn't know I would live in Mumbai to get a job here. I had to do 'MS Dhoni: The Untold Story', but the dates changed due to the duration of Sushant Singh Rajput The hair. Mr. Neeraj (Pandey, producer-director) offered me 'Aiyaary', before it opened, I obtained 'De De Pyaar De' and before it was launched, I had landed 'Marjaavaan'. I moved to the city after 'De De Pyaar De' and I have already pocketed four films.

Isn't 'Marjaavaan' a special appearance?

Milap Zaveri, director sold it to me saying: This is my Rekha of 'Muqaddar Ka Sikandar', my Chandramukhi of 'Devdas'. ”Aarzoo is a tawaif of the’ 90s with nazaaqat and shayari. I've grown up on characters like her but haven't seen them lately. Arzoo has raw sex appeal as opposed to De De Pyaar De’s girl-next-door Ayesha. Plus, there are Milap’s bhaari bharkam dialogues. As for screen time, Rekha ji didn’t have a full-length role, neither did Tabu in 'Jeet'. Even Chandramukhi was a supporting role. Yet, they are all remembered. I’d rather see a role for what it is than compare it with what it is not.

Didn't you want the main role of Tara Sutaria?

Both roles are great and different. If they offered me the role of Zoya, I would have done it.

Buzz is that you signed up for Attack with John Abraham.

I have signed four films that will be announced at the end of the month.

And you started the 'Indian 2' of Shankar with Kamal Haasan ...

Mr. Shankar is a visionary, always calm and knows exactly what he wants. Mr. Kamal is one of the best actors, I feel blessed to work with them in a movie.

When the first Indian left, must you have been six?

(Laughter) I saw him much later, after I started working on Telugu movies. As a child, the 'Chachi 420' of Kamal Sir was a favorite. When you work with those who know so much, you also end up learning a little, without much effort.

How nervous were you?

If it had been my first or second movie, I would have been nervous but now I am more excited. I always wanted to make great movies with great actors. I am greedy, give me better co-stars and I will do better.

Also has Kajal Aggarwal ...

Kajal is in the flashback portions with Mr. Kamal. I'm with Siddharth, who plays the youngest boy in the present.

Do you have a hidden secret man?

In the past five years, I've been busy with 30 movies, there was no time for romance. If I had met the right man, I would not have rejected him saying: Now is the time to work. Even my parents complain: Everyone knows you're single. This Diwali, my mother, told me to go to the party and find a boy for me.