Update from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, November 4: Bhide is surprised to see his house stolen

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Bhide keep asking Madhavi if she has found the house keys. Bhide panics and keep asking Madhavi to look for them.

Just then the newspaper boy comes for his payment and comes to know that Bhide has lost his house keys. Next to the light man also comes to know about it. Bhide scolds Madhavi for telling everyone about the keys. She says it is he who has been revealing it to everyone.

She asks him to not panic and that there is hardly anything to be stolen in the house. Then Bhide says there are ornaments and other expensive things at home that can get stolen.

Madhavi asks him to go and deliver achar papad and that she will look for the keys.

Bhide is about to leave for the delivery when Popatlal asks him to drop him to atta chakki. Bhide refuses but Popatlal forces him to drop him. On his way, Bhide is about to hit two people and Popatlal worries, who worries about his well being, gets off the scooter.

Bhide rushes to deliver the packets and then goes home.

At Gokuldham society Jethalal and Abdul talk about how people have lost patience and are in a hurry. Just then they see Bhide rushing his scooter inside the compound.

Bhide reaches home but Madhavi doesn't open the door. He opens the door to find things thrown everywhere. He is unable to find Madhavi and also finds his gold ornaments missing. He thinks that there has been a robbery at his home and panics.