Krishnakoli Update, November 4: The blame game between family members leaves Basanta with a broken heart

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Shyama reads the news article out loud about the devastating factory fire. Basanta he is hurt to know that some of the family members, including Arun, have spoken against Nikhil blaming his capricious decision responsible for the incident. Ashoke He is surprised and says that Arun shouldn't have talked like that, especially in front of the media.

Arun has no regret for what he had said. Rather he still blames Nikhil. Shyama tells that Nikhil might have guessed the sabotage and that’s why he went to the factory alone. She shares how Nikhil called up Aditya several times but he refused to come since he (Aditya) was with Radha.

Seeing the blame game, Basanta interferes and says it might be Nikhil's project but others should have also acted promptly. Arun blames his father to be biased. Basanta is hurt and starts feeling restless. During the conversation, I started feeling unwell. Shyama, Ashoke and Arun rush to help him.

To make matters worse, comes the businessman from whom the Chowdhury family has borrowed money to keep their home mortgage. Threatens to sell the property if you don't pay.

Family members are shocked. But Shyama says he will save his house at all costs.

Disha tries to reach Nikhil over the phone to inform him about the entire sabotage. Nikhil, who is under trauma, fails to understand. Shyama comes and feels bad seeing him in this condition. She takes care of him.