Phagun Bou update, November 4: Mohul feels helpless

In the last episode of Phagun bou , Mohul is shocked to listen to Anurup’s words. The latter leaves no stones unturned to malign Mohul’s image in front of the family. Unfortunately, Sonali and Malabika dam. They start to believe Anurup .

Mohul feels bad. She tries to defend herself and states that she wants to save Roddur's life. But Sonali blames Mohul that she is after money and the path she has chosen for the same, can’t be an honest one. Mohul is taken aback by such allegation.

Mohul says she performs in the shows to earn money. But most of the shows have been canceled. Sonali says that the shows have been canceled for a good reason. When Mohul says Anurup must be behind this, the latter pretends to be a messiah who is trying to save her from the ruthless world. Suddenly, Anurup also asks Mohul not to enter his room at a wee hour. Mohul gets another round of shock and tells, Anurup asked her to meet him.

Meanwhile, Roddur arrives Malabika asks everyone to not discuss the topic. But Sonali shares everything in front of Roddur. He (Roddur) feels devastated while Mohul feels helpless. None listens to Mohul’s plea.

Aniruddha arrives and tries to defend Mohul. He states it is also Anurup’s responsibility to save his sister. Ghosh family has done a lot for him. Anurup realises the taunt and says he is ready to do anything.

Although Aniruddha initially volunteers to accompany Mohul to her meeting with the show organizers, he, later, asks her to postpone the meeting.