North Korea says black list of US terrorism hinders nuclear diplomacy

SEOUL: the redesign of Pyongyang in the United States on Tuesday as a sponsor of terrorism the prospects for nuclear diplomacy between countries is diminishing

North Korea's declaration comes when North Korea increases its pressures on the United States due to a stalemate in nuclear negotiations. Last week, North Korea fired projectiles from what it called a newly developed super large in the country's first weapons test in about a month.

The North's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday the State Department's terrorism blacklist report released last week proves again the United States maintains a "hostile policy'' and "inveterate repugnancy'' toward North Korea.

This is an insult and a perfidy against a dialogue partner, said the statement transmitted by state media. The channel of dialogue between (North Korea) and the United States is narrowing more and more due to the position of the United States.

North Korea had been on the terrorism blacklist for two decades after its agents were blamed for the bombing of a South Korean airliner that killed 115 people in 1987. It was delisted in 2008 as Washington tried to entice North Korea into a nuclear deal. But the Trump administration relisted it in 2017, saying the North repeatly supported acts of international terrorism .

The most flagrant recent case was the murder of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother separated from leader Kim Jong Un, who used a VX nerve agent at an airport in Malaysia in 2017.

Last year, North Korea and the United States launched intermittent diplomacy in what terms North Korea would renounce its advanced nuclear arsenal. But the talks have been largely stalled since the second summit between Kim and President Donald Trump collapsed in February due to sanctions disputes. The negotiations met in Stockholm last month but made no significant progress.

North Korea has demanded that the United States make mutually acceptable proposals to save nuclear diplomacy by the end of the year.