Odd couple from Delhi: many excuses were strange, some even silly

NEW DELHI: He was in the capital when it started. Despite widespread publicity about the anti-pollution measure for weeks, there were still people with cars on Monday. But they had to avoid paying the fine of 4,000 rupees.

There was, for example, the Santro car trying to pass a roundabout on Shankar Road. However, the driver could not fool the two traffic policemen. When they stopped the car, he quickly pointed to the CNG decal on the windshield, claiming clemency, only to be told or reminded that they were not exempt from CNG this time. He then pointed to an old man in the back seat and argued that the disabled citizen had to be transported to receive medical treatment. The policemen scratched their heads and, although they probably saw through deception, allowed the Santro to continue.

Another man was not lucky enough to avoid the fine, but he took full advantage. He drove a car decorated for a wedding. When the police stopped the doli in Patel Nagar, the driver explained that the car had been ordered for the wedding on Monday a month before the road ration scheme was announced. Although the cops sympathized with him, they could not absolve him of the crime of driving a car with odd numbers on November 4. But quickly arguing about the positive in adversity, the driver joked: “Now that I have paid such a large amount well, I will drive all day because I cannot be challenged a second time.

Rakul Singh had neither the chutzpah of the Santro driver nor the indifference of the doli driver. He was caught in ITO and although he argued that he was taking his daughter to his tuition classes from Geeta Colony to Karol Bagh, he simply did not have the firepower to press his case. In this sense, Vineet Bansal, a resident of Adarsh ​​Nagar, at least hastened to proclaim: “I support him as he will reduce pollution while insisting that he was driving his odd-numbered car only within the locality. The owner of the chemical shop insisted: I will take care not to drive on the main road.

This is not the case in Sector 12, Dwarka, who shyly admitted that he was aware of the plan, but declared himself impotent. I have only one car and there is no connectivity from the Delhi subway to my office, he said. However, pleased to have not been booked, he added: I think the traffic police are not fine people today.

Sushma, a civil defense staff at the Dwarka Court road sign, seemed to corroborate this. The Uttam Nagar resident revealed: “Today, we and the traffic police are only asking people to follow the norm. Starting tomorrow, the police will fine all offenders. ” That is bad news for Bholenath, who drives a private car with an odd number as a ferry between Anand Vihar train station and the neighborhood. Caught on Monday, he argued: “This is how I earn a living. What I can do?