Duo in SUV carries the ATM with Rs 17 lakh

PUNE: In the climatic sequence of the 2011 Hollywood movie Fast Five, a gang pulls out a giant safe from a bank and drags it through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Two men, possibly inspired by the film, stole an ATM in Chakan on Sunday.

According to police, the suspects used a rope to tie the ATM (containing Rs16.98 lakh) to a white SUV and released him.

Navnath Uttam Kanase (35), an officer of a private bank that operates the ATM, filed a complaint with the Chakan police station on Sunday.

Police said the ATM kiosk was not manned. But it is covered by CCTV cameras, which recorded that the suspects arrived at the scene around 2 in the morning, Deputy Inspector Vijay Jagdale told TOI.

He said one of the suspects entered the kiosk and sprayed blue paint on the lenses of the three CCTV cameras, effectively blinding them.

The ATM kiosk is located on the ground floor of a residential building. Police said the area was deserted at the time of the incident.

“After removing the CCTV cameras from the action, the two men pulled a long rope from their vehicle, tied one end of the rope to the ATM and the other end to the tow bar of the SUV. The other suspect drove the vehicle, evicting the ATM. The machine was dragged out of the premises through the glass door, ”said Jagdale.

As it was a small machine, the two men managed to load it into the trunk of their vehicle and moved away from the scene, he added.

The noise of the glass doors breaking broke the building's crime, police said.

“The residents called the police control room and we rushed to the place. We are investigating the incident and we are trying to collect CCTV images of other commercial establishments in the area, ”said Jagdale.

Police said the machine itself was worth Rs2 lakh.

A similar robbery occurred at Khadi Machine Chowk in Kondhwa in January 2018. Five men, who drove to the place in an SUV, tied an ATM (containing Rs21 lakh) with ropes and released him, however, the police arrested him more late. the suspects and seized the SUV used in the crime.