Receiving the Nag and Chiru trophy felt surreal

After staying locked in a House for 105 years with sixteen strangers, singer Rahul Sipligunj he was declared the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 dramatically on sunday. With the event broadcast LIVE, fans packed the studio's show in Jubilee Hills to congratulate the winner. Megastar Chiranjeevi, who was the main guest, handed the trophy to Rahul, along with the host. Nagarjuna . Post his sensational win, Rahul, who was always considered the underdog in the House , was beside himself with joy.

“I feel like this is all just a dream. To receive the trophy from Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi felt surreal; it's a moment I'll never forget. I never expected to win this game. It was such an emotional moment for me because my parents were also there, and the look on their faces filled me with joy, ”the singer gushed, shortly after his victory.

Interestingly, Rahul, who battled it out with 16 other contestants for the coveted title, was on the brink of elimination not once but five times. In fact, he was in the elimination zone in 11 of the 15 weeks he spent in the House , and each time, he was saved in the nick of time. On day 62 of the show, the Bombhaat and the Rangasthalam singer even faced a false elimination before being sent again.

HT05_TELUGU_BIGBOSS_WINNER1 Although he was initially accused of having a relaxed attitude when it came to performing tasks, it is the image of Rahul 'gully pillodu' that moved many. I tried my best to play a genuine game and was anxious that everyone could connect with me, he said. The helpless one that emerged as a public favorite.

Despite all the ups and downs he faced inside the House , Rahul emerged the clear crowd favourite towards the end. Even before the results were announced on Sunday night, many fans had already declared that Rahul Sipligunj would emerge the winner. Fan pages of the show had been running online polls for a week to find out who among the Top 5 the crowd thinks will be crowned winner. Sreemukhi (who finished as runner-up) and Rahul continued to be voted the favorite to win, throughout the week. I am grateful to all my followers and followers who kept their faith in me and voted for me throughout this show. Without his constant support, he could not have achieved this, said the 30-year-old.



Easy-going and straightforward, with a wacky sense of humour, Rahul stood by all the House mates when needed. But it was his proximity with Punarnavi that became talk of the town. In one episode, he didn’t bat an eyelid when it came to gulping down 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice for her during a task. In fact, Rahul was seen breaking down while singing a song when Punarnavi got eliminated. When asked about their relationship though, he laughed and brushed it aside, saying, “I tried asking her out on a date in the House but she told me she’s already dating someone else. jokes apart, I respect her a lot and there’s nothing romantic between us. We’re just very good friends.” Rahul’s relationship with his co-finalist Sreemukhi was frosty, to put it mildly. But the fact that they were the only ones left standing seemed to have helped them bury the hatchet during the finale. “If there’s anything I learnt from the House , it’s how to behave, be patient and talk straight,” said Rahul, smiling.



Looking elegant in a white tuxedo, Rahul got a little excited when he was handed his prize money - un cheque de '50 lakh. Esto es lo más cerca que ha estado de cumplir su sueño de comprar una House a sus padres, confesó. “Eso es definitivamente lo que haré con el dinero. Como anuncié en el escenario, les regalaré un piso a mis padres. Me siento feliz de finalmente poder hacer esto ”, agregó.

Post his victory, Rahul’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing, but he wants to shut himself off and spend time with his family. “It’s yet to sink in that I’ve won and the love I’ve received has been overwhelming. After spending 15 weeks in the House , I just want to spend time with my family now,” he says, signing off.