Pakistani cleric continues to sit as the deadline for Imran Khan to resign

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Maulana Fazlur Rehman, clergyman and politician of the fire brand, who drove tens of thousands of followers to march Islamabad He met with opposition politicians on Monday and agreed to continue with his sitting even after a deadline that imposed the Prime Minister to resign without Imran Khan go down.

Rehman delivered a late-night speech on Monday before a crowd of thousands saying the opposition had agreed the sit-in should continue, but that no other action was agreed upon. That includes following through on Rehman's threats to have protesters march on the so-called Red Zone, which is home to Pakistan 's government, the prime minister's residence and foreign embassies. Rehman said the opposition would decide when the protest would end.

While the stalemate continued with Khan's resignation, a government negotiating team led by the defense minister met with the Rehbar Committee of the opposition parties to resolve the issues. We have filed our demands with the government and they will discuss it with the party leaders and will return on Tuesday, said Rehbar committee chief Akram Durrani. He said hopefully something good will come out of the ongoing efforts.