Expert hired to empty the boat stuck in the port of Goa

NEW DELHI: The government will hire a professional savior to empty the stuck boat near the port of Murmugao in Goa, which is loaded with almost 2,000 tons of. Sources said that professional entities to carry out the rescue operation in these critical cases are not available in India and, therefore, the port authority may have to obtain an operator from Singapore .

TOI has learned that the port of Murmugao may need a loan of around Rs 4 crore from some other port trust, as it has faced a financial crisis in recent years.

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG), which has carried out a survey of the ship, has estimated the expense of Rs 4 crore to empty the loaded ship. “This must be handled in a professional manner and, therefore, we are taking the necessary measures to achieve a good taste, which has the experience. The crisis will be resolved soon, ”said an official.