The fall of the IndiGo system delays flights in India, flyers get stuck in airports

NEW DELHI: A lot of the almost two Lakh passengers flying Indigo On Monday they faced delays on flights of several hours on Monday when the airline's system and server collapsed at the airports early in the morning. As a result, neither passengers nor luggage could register.

Given the volume of passengers that the largest airline in India handles daily, almost 1.8 national and more than 16,000 international lakhs, manual verification was not even an option. This led to serpentine queues at airports throughout the country. While the system was restored later in the day, there were consistent delays throughout Monday.

At 10.41 am, Indigo tweeted: “Our systems are down across the network. We are expecting the counters to be crowded more than usual. Please bear with us as we try to solve the issue ASAP.”

With flights stuck at airports, the entire network was launched on Monday. Large airlines generally take two to three days to fully recover from such technical failures when rescheduling passengers on other flights.

A passenger, Saloni Parikh, tweeted from her account @ saloniparikh6: “Our family of 5 is trapped at the Guwahati airport. The staff says there is nothing they can do. They will refund our ticket money. And that is. There are no flights (sic) from here at any time today or tomorrow morning. What are we supposed to do?

Some passengers even waited inside the planes. A passenger tweeted from @ Goel-Saurab: I have been sitting on board for the past 2 hours ... 6E 329 (Delhi-Goa).

At Delhi’s IGI Airport, there was chaos in the morning, soon after the Indigo servers crashed. According to sources, the impact was primarily between 11 am and 2 pm, with thousands of flyers left stranded at the airport.

Hema Matela tweeted: “ Indigo 6E-643 Delhi to Pune flight also got delayed by almost 1 hour! It’s very annoying, when early morning flights get delayed (sic)”.

In a statement, Indigo said: “Our systems have been down across the network since morning. As a result, we are expecting our operations to be impacted across airports. All efforts are being made to resolve the issue at the earliest. We regret the inconvenience caused to all our passengers. While we are proactively informing them about the situation, for assistance, we request all passengers to contact us on our social media handles or reach out to our customer care.”