The army plans a code of conduct for retired officers, attracts criticism

NEW DELHI: The headquarters is formulating a code of conduct for retired officers, who have often been extremely critical of senior policy officers ranging from taxing soldiers' disability pensions and opening cantonment roads for traffic civil until imposing a price limit for cars purchased in subsidized CSD canteens.

The Army's plan, made public by its outgoing general assistant, the Lieutenant General, who retired last Thursday, is to have all officers in service sign a commitment to adhere to the code of conduct or ethics after retirement. The force believes that some veterans have turned to social media platforms to unnecessarily and irresponsibly attack the policies it implements.

“But the code is still in the discussion stage ... there is nothing definitive yet. In addition, the Navy and the IAF will also have to be consulted, ”said a senior officer. Veterans' opinions will also be taken once the code of conduct is finalized, he added. But veterans are already furious about the move. The time has probably come for veterans to write a code of conduct for generals on duty, said a retired Army officer. Brigadier V Mahalingam (retd) tweeted that if the Army was drafting the code, the movement was totally idiotic ...

Major General S S Chohan (retd) tweeted: “Would you say give your rank when you retire if you don't sign the proposed code? Most would do it for the freedom we all expect after decades. They need to understand that India is our true code of conduct, he added. An open letter on social networks said the code of conduct showed how delicate the army headquarters is about the justifiable criticism of the policies that the force is adopting.